A brief testimony from one of our outreach teams who just got back from Papua New Guinea...

The village was an amazing time and a real outreach highlight for everyone.

The team spent about every morning and night sharing in the church with the small local community, and spent the days hanging out with them and swimming with the children.

In that time we built very sweet and deep relationships, got to experience a cultural welcome and goodbye with dancing, traditional outfits, and gifts, and saw amazing fruit of the Lord working through us.

We saw unity brought to the two different sides of the village, the renouncing of the worship of false spiritual things, healing, and ended in a baptism of two locals.

After returning to Lae we said yes to our contact to the option of traveling to Mt. Hagen early with him before the evangelistic crusade event. So we took the 12 hour bus ride and have been here for a week already, and spent some days staying at the YWAM base with the Awaken team (in the colder climate of the highlands, which we have enjoyed).

We are were right next to the location of the crusade, and we were busy again with lots of ministry to do. We worked with our contact and local pastors to spread awareness about the crusade in different churches and ministries at the same time as evangelizing and ministering. We gathered from November 23rd-26th, and was a great way to finish our ministry days of outreach before we traveled back to Lae to debrief.

Here was a report from the local PNG YWAM leader ...

The gospel is preached to the poor, the blind receive their sight, the deaf hear, the tumor and cancers gone in Jesus' name, and people with all kinds of diseases and sickness receive their healing. All in all 3,000+ people respond to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior during 4 days in Mt. Hagen among Yamka Pepka Communities. Many healed and restored to good health.

We spent a last day at the Lae base with the staff there who are our good friends before heading back to Kona to rejoin the Engage gang.