One of our outreach teams from the current Engage DTS will be heading to the remote island nation of Papua New Guinea, and working as part of the YWAM Ships ministry. We are honored and excited to be partnering with this amazing ministry and jump into what they are doing to transform lives.

YWAM Ship Equipped ministries around the world are growing each year. Vessels range from small cruise ships, to ocean going yachts and river boats. Each ship equipped ministry is a separate legal entity responsible for no more than their own local operations, however they are all committed to a common set of values known as the 18 Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission. YWAM Ships Kona operates two vessels, one in Micronesia and the other in Panama.

We just received this report from what has already been happening this year, we look forward to our students bringing back reports of lives changed in a few months.

But for now be inspired by what God has done so far in 2016 ...

Outputs For Cycle-One

We are so pleased to report results from our first two-week cycle in Madang Papua New Guinea ... Over 3,000 heard the story of Jesus including


Patients seen at screening - 652
Patients seen in clinic - 273
Extractions - 317
Restorations - 71
Clinic referrals - 22


Immunizations - 229
Nutrition - 71
Outpatient - 49
Malaria tests and treatments - 9
Wounds cleaned - 212


Total Bible in Tok language downloads - 678

Total Jesus Film video streams - 223

Of course much more than this actually happened as it is so hard to reduce it to statistics. Especially rewarding are stories from our community engagement outreach teams. Many wonderful stories we will continue to share with you in the future. One thing is for sure, when YWAM outreach teams join us they have an AMAZING experience being a part of the whole package.