One of the funnest - and messiest, moments of Engage DTS is always the reveal of outreach teams - who is going where with whom.

As a school we are super committed to sending people out to the nations - to places they’ve probably not been, with people they have never met, to do things they could not even imagine.

These 34 young people arrived in Kona 4 weeks ago as strangers, trusting that God had  set them on a path of being here with us. As Engage we love mobilizing people to the far-flung places that are not the average college group, 2-week, missions-trip locations.  

It’s not about your comfort, its about the lost.

It’s not about you seeing the nations, it’s about people meeting Jesus.

Outreach with Engage might mean you are in a place with no running water, sleeping on the floor, using a ‘bathroom’ in a shack at the end of field, hiking for days into the mountains to reach 2 families, traveling on a boat to a remote island to tell 50 people about the love and goodness of Jesus.

It might mean sitting with the dying, cleaning the wounds of those in pain, loving those rejected by society, placing soccer in the streets, being kicked out of a country, risking arrest, praying for the possessed to be free, the sick to be healed and the dead to be raised.

These 34 students and 8 staff are beginning their journey, their adventure, their daily YES to Jesus, to the nations. I know that come June 24th when they come back from around the world and graduate, their lives will never be the same. 

We can't share too many details about our locations because of security measures, but our five teams are headed to the remote of Central Asia, the isolated islands of Papua New Guinea, cities of north Africa and the mountains and tribes of Asia ... we will be bringing updates as they head out.

Our great desire is the they go and never come back … that they GO, see Jesus use them and say ‘YES’ to the invitation to follow him to where-ever he says and whatever it costs.