Every so often a worship song comes along and it captures the heart and spirit of what God is doing in our community. It become the anthem of our hearts and a wild cry.

Recently the wonderful and anointed Jonathan & Melissa Helser were here in Kona. They are passionate worship leaders and led us for a week in worship. Then last week when we baptized 26 people in the Pacific ocean, this became the refrain - the 'famous last words' declaration of so many before the water - "I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God". Truth right there.

This video is the first of what will be many, many moments of worship and praise that we'll be sharing ... the YWAM Kona campus is excited to launch YWAM Kona Worship Moments. Join us in raw & real worship to the One who is worth it all.

Also in super exciting upcoming music news, our good friend Lindy Conant - a Kona YWAMer, is about to launch a new album, recorded live in California. Lindy is an amazing young woman and often here leading worship, especially in the DTS community.

She shared her first single  ... listen now ... it's incredible and is a call to the nations, to GO!

Take Courage - Lindy Conant & The Circuit Riders

Friends! This is Lindy here! I am SO EXCITED to announce the release of our first single “Take Courage” from our upcoming album “Every Nation”! We are living in days of great harvest and outpouring! As you listen to this song, I am praying that you are FILLED with courage for what God is doing all across the earth! Lift up your voice! Jesus is alive!Buy: http://geni.us/takecourageStream: http://geni.us/takecouragespotifyPre-order "Every Nation": http://lindyconant.com

Posted by Lindy Conant on Thursday, 3 March 2016


Plus you can download for FREE the first single from Daniel Lehmann, one of our worship leaders - with more weekly to come.

Click on the image below for your download.

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