A raw + real moment from one of our team leaders in Central Asia ...

Once again I felt comparison and jealousy creep up inside of me as I read testimonies and reports about massive amounts of healings and salvations.

The past weeks I have often battled with the right perspective in what we do and how little we see with our natural eyes. But I fight the feeling off knowing its wrong and unhealthy.


Last week I was sitting in our courtyard talking to God after some frustrating and confusing thoughts when I heard thunder and lightning in the sky not too far from our house. But the earth was dry and there was no sign of rain in sight. This has been happening quite a lot - lots of noise and light but then no rain.

And in that moment I felt God speaking into the spiritual situation over Kstan. God is moving, hovering over Central Asia announcing himself, asking people to get ready and urgently uttering warnings not to miss it.

He is declaring his power yet the soil is dry, hard and unprepared. Even when wanting to sow seed, we first need to pray for rain to follow the thunder and for heart soil to be made soft and receivable. 

Tonight, after shaking off thoughts of doubt and comparison, I feel God speak so clearly to remember and align myself with his truth. And he reminds me that I was chosen to be here for these 5 girls that I am leading, to champion the revival they carry in their bones. And as I feel utterly convicted to align myself with this truth, I suddenly hear massive thunder right outside my window, the sky above our house lightens up and heavy rain follows - finally.

And the promise in it is too loud for me not to hear it: He is right there, doing something



Being alive for this nation and its people.

And there is no comparison in him.

And as scarily loud and close the clouds are breaking over us in the dark and the wind hurls around us - it is the most comforting sound to fall asleep to. 

We are so proud of our team of wild and mighty women for their commitment and work in this remote, unheard-of nation. We believe their daily 'yes' is shaking the heavens and planting a harvest that they will see come to fruition, whether it's from the vantage point of earth in their lifetime, or from the vantage point of heaven in generations to come.