The current Engage DTS has a team aboard the Pacific Link,  a YWAM Ships Kona vessel in Papua New Guinea. They have been having an incredible time. Here are some of the student's testimonies. Be encouraged!! God is on the move. 


We recently joined the crew of the PACIFIC LINK — the YWAM Ships Kona vessel — as it sailed to Karkar Island in Papua New Guinea to provide health care for the isolated people there. Last month, I went with the medical/dental team into a village to film the day’s events.


Late in the afternoon I saw a group of guys my age waving me over from afar. As I was getting closer to the building they were gathered under, I began to pray that the Holy Spirit would work through me. When I reached them, they were excited to meet me and wanted to take pictures.

They all explained that they know Jesus and love Him. Within minutes I saw that they were rolling up weed and felt the Lord really press into my heart.

At this very moment I heard God’s voice say to me “This is one of the reasons I brought you to PNG James.” I immediately turned a joking conversation into a full testimony and a time to minister to these men.

I felt the Holy Spirit speak through me in love that I was not there to condemn them but to save them from addictions. They were all around 24-26 years old and I was able to explain to them the leadership roles that they had in the village. I explained that all the younger boys and girls are looking up to them and that it is up to them to set a good example.

It was so encouraging to me to see how God could use a simple moment of obedience and turn it into a teaching on freedom. They knew Jesus but they did not know that He comes to bring full freedom from the chains of addictions. I left feeling really encouraged that God had done something in these men, and through them the village will find freedom!



This week we’ve been traveling to different villages on the Karkar Island in Papua New Guinea. I’ve had the privilege to be on the community engagement team — whose role is discipleship — for four days. It was rewarding, but sometimes challenging.

We usually start the day driving more than an hour seated in the bed of a truck. Getting stuck in the mud, having a flat tire, or running out of gas was the daily normal. As hard as it was to get there some days, it just made it more evident that the Devil was trying to stop us from doing God’s work.

On my fourth day in the village, the locals requested prayer more than I’ve seen so far in other places. I took the opportunity to pray for whoever asked with a willing heart and full faith. The Holy Spirit was definitely in this village,

I saw a total of 15 healings and five salvations just with the people I prayed for!

It was incredible to be God’s hands and feet, and satisfying to see that the work I was doing was making a difference in people’s lives.

One testimony that stood out for me was when I prayed for a man named Jack.

He was probably in his 60s or 70s, and pointed to his knees and back implying that he wanted me to pray for the pain to vanish. I began praying, and in Jesus’ name ...


It was after the pain went away that he had a translator ask me to pray for his hearing. I then realized that he was pointing earlier to where he wanted me to pray not because of our language barrier, but because he was deaf. I put my hands over his ears and prayed that God would give him ears to hear his voice.

After my prayer, his eyes lit up and he was saying that he could hear!

A woman next to me began to translate and say that he has been deaf for most of his life and could only hear the blowing of wind.

Now he was saying that he can hear the sounds of everyone talking around him!

It was an amazing miracle, and was empowering to know that God can use me to change someone’s life.

It’s also encouraging to think that all God is looking for is our simple “YES” and with that he’ll take over and do what in our strength would be the impossible.



This has been a powerful week on Karkar Island (about a four-hour sail from mainland Papua New Guinea). We've seen many miracles and had the opportunity to partner with the Lord to see God’s Kingdom advance on this island.

Today we got to disciple and encourage students at a Bible college. We arrived at the church in the rain only to find out no one was expecting us. So we just started worshipping Jesus and praying a blessing over the ground, while the students were gathering.

The leader on our team felt we should wash these students’ feet. As we were worshipping, I also saw a beautiful image of us bowing on our knees and washing the feet of these people and the Lord said “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that I am God.” So with that word we invited the Holy Spirit to operate through our teaching and testimonies.

Toward the end of our ministry time, the team prayed for these people. I and a teammate got to wash their feet. It was an incredible moment as we got to prophesy into their lives and 90% of the time, our prophecies lined up perfectly.

We saw grown men and women crying before us and felt the joy and peace of the Lord in that church. It was amazing to see how faithful God is.

When I look back to who I was a year ago, I would never see myself here and being used by God in so many different ways.

The thing is, the Lord is just looking for someone with a “Yes” in their heart!

You don't have to be perfect because when you give your life to Jesus he calls you perfect despite all your sins, as you are forgiven.

It’s so important to remember that God wants to touch everyone’s life in different ways but he wants vessels with a sincere “Yes” and a heart ready to serve.

 It is amazing to be able to be a salt and light to the people of Papua New Guinea. Wow!

What a life-changing experience this journey has been so far!