Wow, we are already in week two of our first July Engage DTS, and it's been a great 10 days so far. It seems like we've all known each other for years. The twelve students God brought us are all so amazing.

When we were worshiping on the first day, we had such a sense that God was saying they had tender hearts and fertile soil. It's TRUE!

They each have their own hunger to dive into this DTS experience, not missing out on anything God wants to do.

Even on that first day, people were encountering a God that they'd never met before, getting freedom and letting Him into their lives in a new way.

Prior to the students arrival the staff had been working so hard - physically to create a beautiful classroom space and spiritually in prayer, fasting and worship to submit the school and these students who we were still to meet, to the Lord. 

The first day of the new quarter kicked on with a traditional Hawaiian welcome, then some campus orientation. We gathered as a school for the first time in the afternoon, heard from our leaders Jessica and Joanna, then dove into worship - positioning ourselves where we want to stay - in God's presence. We had a family fun day the first weekend, then jumped right into our first full teaching week.

Derek Schoenhoff who is a long-time friend of Engage, YWAMer and former local pastor,  was with us laying a foundation on the Nature and Character of God. It was a special time to get some solid and TRUE foundation of who God REALLY is, a perfect loving father, who pursues us, is good, just, creator, trustworthy and interested in US!!!

A highlight of the week was our student testimony night - we always ask simple questions to get to know each other, but people took a risk and got 'raw & real' super quickly and shared their good, bad and ugly stuff.

We love them even more.

The level of vulnerability and trust just testifies to how much they want to encounter God and be who he called them to.

After a full week of lots of revelation, celebration and fun, the students threw themselves into their kitchen weekend work duty.

As a leader who has been involved in many DTS's, I am always excited about each group, because they are all unique, each student who joins us is made special by God with things that set them apart from each other. This group has bonded really quickly and is ready to go into the fulness of what God has for them. We are honored to do this journey with them and excited for the next 6 months.

A quick special shout-out to the fab staff who are so full of enthusiasm and commitment. A leader can set up and try to run a great DTS, but it is the staff who really 'lead' the school - by the way they love and follow Jesus and pursue the students, creating an atmosphere of expectation and learning. This gang is ALL IN! Could not ask for more.

Check back in for more updates!!!