Choosing a YWAM DTS can be pretty confusing, they can all sound similar and there are so many options.

To help the process a little bit we asked our students why they are glad they chose Engage DTS.


1.    Everyone is fired up for Jesus and they champion one another which helps up go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. - Franzi, age 19 from  Germany

2.   Amazing community to develop a deep and intimate friendship with our Father.  - Anine, age 19 from Norway

3.   All the boxes I put God is were shattered, he's so much bigger and more knowable than I thought. - Mailen, age 26 USA

4.   It is so focused on the bible, based on fear of the Lord and joyful surrender. - Beatriz, age 23 from, Brazil

5.   The community feels like family. - Bekah, age 22, from USA

6.   People are always there for you no matter what, and is a solid community. - Luke, age 19, from USA

7.   Amazing friends, friends he could really open up and share what he was going through. That he met people that understood him. - Daniel, age 21 from Canada

8.   God taught me about the love of the Lord, and taught what it means to walk in a relationship with Jesus. “Engage really helped me to know who God really is and who he really was”.  - Daniel

9.   Perfect size school to get to know everyone and family orientated. - Sedine, age 19 from Norway

10.   Amazing and talented leaders and staff,  genuine servant leadership - Sedine

11.   Questions I'd always had about God were answered - Nick

12.   Leaders and staff are  intentional  in letting God move and create an environment that allows the growth of strong deep roots in Him. - Brad age 26, USA

13.   Students are truly championed, staff wholeheartedly affirm, encourage and spur each student to seek intimacy and relationship with God through fellowship. - Brad

14.   Willingness to submit and surrender everything to God first, heavily focused on pursuing Jesus as a family and individually. -  Brad

15.   Place to confidently and faithfully knowing the authority, identity and calling I have as being a son of God. - Jordan, age 19, from USA

16.   A place to be really pushed, challenged and encouraged in your strengths. Everyone really wants to see you grow in the Lord. - Jordan

17.   Opportunity to go to countries I never thought I'd go to. - Mailen

18.   Prayer and worship are a priority on outreach, we sought God daily for what to do. - Irene, age 21, Finland

19.   Just being able to live in the spirit and discern Gods voice and let him guide my footsteps and really know his love. - Mailen

20.   Learn't it's not about ME, it's about JESUS. - Bekah

Engage DTS has trained over 280 people, sent 49 short-term teams to 25 nations, and has long-term workers now in the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, South and Central Asian countries. Let us train and equip you to go to the nations.

Come run with us and let the Lord increase your passion like never before. 

There's even an Instagram hashtag #gladichoseengage go check it out! Follow us on Instagram whilst you are there.