There are simple days on outreach when God surprises you with how He works. Even crazy rain can be used by God to reveal His love. Read how Kyra, one of our Engage DTS students, saw God use the weather to open a door for our recent outreach team in India.

DTS outreach, expect the unexpected, especially in India.

Even amidst all of the changing plans, craziness, and spiritual warfare, there are insanely beautiful moments. Moments that make everything not only entirely worth it, but also bring revelation and enlightenment that I am, in fact, meant to be in India at such a time as this!

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One particular village our team visited multiple times was in the middle of a vast number of tea gardens. Even in the unexpected, I had peace that God was very much in control and had a plan for engaging our team that day.


Rain, rain and more rain. 

Upon reaching the village, we decided to stop and wait for the rain to let up as we sat under a community shelter. Sitting there, we enjoyed looking at this one fun, colorful home in front of us that we joke looked somewhat like a McDonalds.  As we waited longer, we wondered if the rain was going to let us get out and meet people.

Eventually, a thought popped into my mind that we were about to be used by the Lord right where we were at!

So we sat, waiting for what the Lord had for us right there. Soon after, a woman who we had met and prayed for healing during our last visit, began walking past us.


When we spotted one another, we were all filled with excitement. One of my teammates went over to her and she came under the covering with us. She sat with us to catch up when one of her neighborhood friends came to say hello to us as well. She was so bubbly and kind and just began to tell us about herself and her family.

She began explaining that one of her sons had been in an accident when he was young and became blind. We knew now why the Lord led us to sit under that covering, and in time, we would discover how he wanted to use us.

After talking, the woman went to get her son so we could meet him and pray for him because he was, to our surprise, a Christian. His mother was Hindu, but very open to us praying in Jesus name. We prayed for him and they invited us into their home, which just so happened to be the home that looked like Mcdonalds!

They showed us that the son had a braille Bible and that he loves reading it and even has bible studies at their house. God is so amazing!


Many of us felt the Lord's pleasure over this man's life and over the openness the mother had for Jesus. God is going to get all of her heart someday!

Our team prayed for them, spent time getting to know them and their story and even had many words from the Lord for them that we shared.  God used the weather, the rain shelter and His perfect timing, to bring our team, and the love and encouragement we carry to this family. More than that, God showed he is committed to shifting the atmosphere and their hearts, especially  the mother's.

God is pursuing our hearts and can use the most unexpected circumstances to encourage us and reveal more of his love to us.

There may not be the perfect circumstances, or weather, but God is committed and able.

Are we will willing to let him use us to reach those who do not yet know him?