This is Julie's story of how God answered her prayers on her outreach in Greece and revived her passion for teaching! 

This is Team Greece. Julie is in the very center of the photo. Read her testimony below!

This is Team Greece. Julie is in the very center of the photo. Read her testimony below!

"God listened to my prayer and changed my thoughts. He knows everything I've been concerned with and what I was struggling with." 

     When Julie's team first arrived in Greece, there wasn't much ministry set up yet and they struggled to find a stable place to do ministry. In the first few weeks, they didn't have many opportunities to preach the Gospel, pray for people and share their testimonies. Their team worked a bit with refugees and she struggled to connect with and talk with them. For Julie, this brought a lot of confusion and she questioned why God had brought her to Greece. 

     In the midst of frustration and things not seeming right, she knew that they only thing she could do was pray. Julie asked God to give wisdom and open a door to easily reach people. She asked Him what His purpose was in putting her on this outreach in Greece. 

     Shortly after that, the Holy Spirit opened a door to work with a warm church that was in desperate need of help. The church offered free English classes to refugees and they needed teachers. 

"I was so happy because God answered my prayer, saying, "This is why I put you here.""

     Before coming to DTS, Julie was an English teacher in Taiwan. Though she hadn't taught English in a few months and it felt a bit unfamiliar, she knew that once she got started again, that the teacher within her would rise up and her experience would come back to her. 

"God revived this love for teaching again by providing a great class to teach; made it so my skills and teaching experience weren't lost on me." 

    The first class Julie was able to teach was amazing and everyone seemed to enjoy it. She almost had forgotten how much she actually enjoyed teaching English. Being a non-English speaker herself gave Julie an advantage while she instructed. Seeing and understanding things the students might struggle to learn helped her to explain the lessons in a better way. She could relate to being an English learner and put herself in their shoes. God used what she thought was her weakness and turned it into strength. Even when physically and mentally weary, Julie was able to put in full effort.  


"I experienced something crazy: I was full of happiness inside my heart. If it was not for God, I couldn't do it. I put more effort into teaching during this free class than when I was at home and getting paid to do it. God gave me a way to reach the refugees and brought teaching back to me in a great way. God is so good and faithful all the time." 

     It's incredible the way God works all things together. In a moment of confusion and frustration, as Julie sought the Lord, He was able to open doors and use the passions and gifts He has placed in her. In every situation and circumstance, God's children each carry a unique piece of who He is and the world shouldn't miss out! What are things God has placed in you that could be a blessing to nations? Be challenged to bring your questions to the Lord and allow Him to speak and show you how He wants to use you. Trust that He is really good, He is really faithful and He can open doors! 

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