Summers here in Kona are often a quieter, smaller season, but these past few months where anything but quiet or calm, they were marked by excitement and passion! Not only did we run two absolutely incredible DTS’s, including an Engage DTS, but our Kona base hosted number of wild dynamic short-term gatherings: two Infusion teen camps that saw over 150 fiery teenagers encounter God, a kids camps and two Korean Pastor seminars!

The largest gathering was the  21 Project, a 3-week event led by the  Circuit Rider movement. We welcomed incredible speakers to our community, including Francis Chan, Banning Liebscher (of Jesus Culture), Brian Brennt and Andy Bryd - both YWAMers.


What is 21 project you may ask?

We’ll let them tell you... 

‘’21 Project is a collaborative leadership experience designed to raise up revivalists and soul winners who will practically reach their generation with the radical love of Jesus.’’ - 21 project

What passion and zeal they brought to our community! It was such a joy to have this wild bunch of Jesus lovers on our campus. You could feel the excitement and hunger on our base.

A few women from our Engage community were apart of this particular school. We sat down with them this summer and ask them a few questions about what the Lord was doing. It felt like we were getting revelation just hearing them speak. We’ll let their words give you the revelation.

Why did you all choose to do 21 Project?

“I’ve been following the Circuit Rider journey and in order to potentially join them and make connections you have to do 21 project.” - Vivienne

Marcheel“God told me too, I was on the way home from my DTS and the Lord spoke to me on the plane to do Circuit Riders. I know there is something that God wanted to release through my time here.” -Jackie

“I did it because I love how the Circuit Riders activate people, along with what they carry as a movement and how they wake up what is inside of people.”-Meaghan

What makes 21 project different than a DTS:

“It is way more compact.” -Jackie

“21 project is like a greenhouse of accelerated growth, it’s shorter than a DTS and it’s about bringing a culture shifts to American universities.” - Vivienne  

Discipleship Training School is a 6-month intensive discipleship training and missions mobilization program, where-as 21 Project is a 3-week equipping, especially in different areas of passion, such as music and  business.

What are you hoping the Lord does in your heart:

“I am hoping that the Lord opens up doors and gives specific ideas and plans on how to work and further the kingdom, with ministry ideas and plans. I am also giving God to disrupt my life.” -Vivienne

“I want God to disrupt my life, and that the Lord would transform her heart so that it is in agreement with what was on her heart. I also wanted to be in a like minded community that has a heart to burn for her country (America), I also wanted a heart for America.”   -Meaghan  

“I wanted to take everything that happened in DTS and continue what the Lord was doing. I want to be apart of a generation of catalysts. The stories and testimonies of God encountering college students is mind blowing!” -Jackie

What has the Lord already done:

We spoke with them a week or so after it had already started, now their time with 21 project has wrapped up.

“Conviction and aligning what I has been processing with what the Lord is doing. I have been given greater conviction to actually walk out in what the Lord is already doing.” -Meaghan

“The Lord has given me a greater hatred for fear and insecurity. It robs from other people’s lives being transformed, saved and enriched. I have been given a greater conviction on how if you're holding back in any area of your life from God’s plan you are holding back what God wants to do for other people through your life. There are individual people on the other side of your obedience.” - Vivienne

“God has given me crazy intense hunger and just like raaaa, I don’t want anything holding me back from anything that keeps her from Jesus.” - Jackie

And lastly, how has this caused your faith to grow:

“Testimonies of people that are actually living the message.” - Vivienne

“Being in an environment with like minded people with ideas, initiative and how  people are actually doing it.” - Meaghan

“Hearing all the crazy testimonies and seeing people practice what they preach and hearing how people are impacted from that.” - Jackie

Don’t you want to be apart of a generation shaking movement?

Come join our YWAM Kona community this January and get involved with us. Find out more.

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